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Dominick Marone

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Nick Marone
Jack Wagner as Dominick Marone (2007)
The Bold and the Beautiful
Portrayed byJack Wagner
First appearanceEpisode 4012
March 28, 2003
Created byBradley Bell
Payne, Popeye , Controlfreak (by Ridge Forrester)
Nicky (by Jackie Marone)
OccupationShareholder and Investor of Jackie M Designs
ResidenceMarone Mansion
68210 Rose Briar Place
Los Angeles, California

Dominick "Nick" Marone is a fictional character on CBS soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful, played by actor Jack Wagner since March 28, 2003.


Nick is the younger son of Massimo Marone (Joseph Mascolo) and Jacqueline Payne (Lesley-Anne Down). Raised as Dominick Payne by his mother in Seattle and her husband Frank Payne although only Jackie knew Nick was sired by Massimo Marone. He has no full siblings only an older half-brother Ridge Forrester (Ronn Moss), and a half-sister Diana Carter through their father. His father favored big brother Ridge over him which caused severe problems in the Marone family when Nick tried to steal Brooke and her children away from Ridge. He has been romantically involved with Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) on-and-off since his arrival in Los Angeles in 2003. When Brooke left him the first time in 2003 to marry her true love Ridge, Nick took comfort with Ridge's half-sister Felicia (then played by Colleen Dion-Scotti). Realizing that Nick was just on the rebound, Felicia left town for Europe several months later.

Nick found happiness again early in 2005, when he fell in love with Brooke's daughter, Bridget Forrester (Ashley Jones). The two soon became engaged and even made it to the altar, but the ceremony was cut short when Ridge collapsed after his presumed-dead wife, Taylor (Hunter Tylo) appeared. Following the revelation that Taylor was alive, Ridge left Brooke for her. This caused Nick to re-evaluate his feelings for Brooke.

Having discovered she was pregnant, Bridget caught on to Nick and Brooke's mutual attraction. In order to test Nick's love for her, she faked an abortion. When she revealed the truth that she was still pregnant, Nick was at first furious, then relieved. They married on Nick's boat in September 2005.

Weeks later, Felicia (now played by Lesli Kay) returned to town with a baby named "Dominick" in tow. Felicia revealed that the child was Nick's, and when she discovered she was dying of colon cancer, asked Nick and Bridget to adopt the infant. A paternity test soon revealed that baby Dominick was not Nick's son, but the result of a one-night stand in France with Dante Damiano (Antonio Sabato, Jr.).

When Bridget's daughter Nicole was stillborn in February 2006, she realized that she was only hanging on to Nick for the sake of Dominick and Nicole, and that there was no longer anything to keep them together. She soon presented Nick with divorce papers and decided to raise Dominick with Dante. Nick reunited with Brooke, who was engaged to Ridge at the time. Brooke and Nick married, but weeks later, he had a drunken one-night stand with Bridget. When Brooke found out about this, she told him the marriage was over.

Nick's fury was unleashed when, during an argument with Stephanie, his mother Jackie went over the side of the balcony and landed in a coma. With her encouragement, he ordered Stephanie to hand over Forrester Creations to him, or else face time in jail for what she did to his mother. He claimed it was to get justice against the Forresters, but the Forresters claim it's a vendetta.

Undaunted, Nick signed Brooke's sister, Donna Logan (Jennifer Gareis), to become the face of his new company and his lead model. In a final confrontation, he faced off with Stephanie, and despite her shattering the windows in the main office, Nick gloated that he had Forrester in the palm of his hand, and until she died, it would remain in his hands.

He underwent therapy with the aid of Taylor. He told her about Jackie's days in Seattle, when she sold herself for money. Stephanie, inadvertently overhearing Taylor recording her session, used this information as ammunition and turned the first Forrester Creations fashion show under Nick's control into a total chaotic mess, by blabbing the story to everyone there via the intercom.

Despite his unyielding stance and his refusal to sell, he was forced out of the CEO spot at Marone Industries by George Septolino (Patrick John Hurley), the senior member of the board of directors, and as his first act, divested Forrester Creations and is in the process of returning it back to Eric (John McCook) and his family. However, Nick sold his shares of Marone stock to the new CEO and bought Forrester "Lock Stock and sewing machines", incuring not only the wrath of Ridge and Thorne (Winsor Harmon), but also Eric.

Despite the growing animosity between the Forresters and the Marones, Taylor remained Nick's friend. She continued to be questioned about her choice to remain "close" to Nick against the wishes of the Forrester clan. In fact, it was becoming more and more difficult to decipher whether her loyalties lied with Thorne, or with Nick.

Eventually, Taylor broke off her engagement to Thorne, (due to the animosity of his daughter Alexandria after she learned that Taylor killed her mother) and over time, she and Nick fell in love. Recently Nick and Taylor became engaged, just as Brooke's engagement to Ridge was broken due to him hitting her son, Rick, who was seeing Ridge's teenage daughter, Phoebe. Brooke has made it clear that she wants Nick back, but he is determined to be with Taylor even though he still loves Brooke, and has rebuffed her advances. Nick and Taylor were married not long after, and now have a little boy, his first biological living child. Nick recently sold Forrester Creations back to Eric, in exchange for dissolving his marriage to Stephanie, an exchange Eric agreed to. Baby Jack was found to be Brooke's biological son, not Taylor, since Brooke's eggs were implanted. (She was Mrs Marone While she was married to Nick.) This has caused Taylor to become furious and start having hallucinations. She has now left Nick because he admitted he is still in love with Brooke. Nick gained custody of Jack, and this infuriated Taylor who lashed out at both him and Brooke; Nick has also gained the help and support of his former wife, Bridget, who is willing to help with Jack, and presented Nick with the blanket that had been made for their own daughter, Nicole, who had died.Nick has decided to give his relationship with Bridget another chance, which is risky because he is still in love with Brooke and could end up hurting Bridget again.

On July 4, Nick proposed to Bridget despite having feelings for her aunt, Katie Logan (Heather Tom). Nick and Bridget married on July 14.

On August 1, Katie finds out she's pregnant with Nick's child as a result of them sleeping together on Catalina Island. Nick told Bridget on his boat that he slept with Katie on Catalina Island and that she was pregnant with his child. Bridget has now left Nick and their marriage.

In January 2009, Nick has financial problems.

In May 2009 Katie ends her engagement to Nick, because he is still in love her niece, Bridget.

Nick is currently married to Bridget Forrester

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